1. How to SIGN UP?

This is our only membership, and it allows members to attend as many classes as they wish to including Fitness, Performance, Barbell, Open Gym, and Yoga.

This discounted rate applies to the following: Spouses/Partners, Teachers, Students, Military, First Responders, Nurses, and Clergy.  Click the button to send an email to our team, and we will set you up with the discounted rate.

Dropping in from out of town? Get signed up and paid for here, and we will see you at the gym!


Download the SugarWOD app to see what the upcoming workouts are and to see how your friends did!  Give them a 'fist bump' or leave them a comment.  (Download Here)

3. Check the schedule

View the schedule below to enroll in your first class. If you're new to CrossFit, it is recommended for you to start by attending a FITNESS class.  Experienced CrossFitters feel free to attend either a PERFORMANCE or FITNESS class.

Some quick info on classes:

  • Please wear shoes that you can walk, run, jump and lift weights in.
  • Loose/tight clothing does not matter, as long as you wear something!
  • You do not need to be an athlete to become an athlete, many people in your class will be above/below your physical abilities.
  • Support, encouragement, and feedback will be provided readily throughout the workout.
  • No one is competing against you, you are only competing against yourself!
  • The music may be turned up, but not as high as the energy in the room.