"Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity." CFKT's programming reflects this Crossfit principle and varies from day to day with each workout intentionally designed to develop strength and skill in a number of areas.


Fitness classes consist of any traditional Crossfit movement, minus a barbell. The programming regularly utilizes wall balls, kettlebells, and dumbbells, in addition to conditioning, and body weight movements. The Fitness classes provide an excellent work out and a solid foundation for more advanced movements within Crossfit. 


Performance classes include all of the components of our Fitness classes with the addition of barbell work and Olympic lifting. These classes include more advanced techniques and provide a great platform to develop and build strength. 


Barbell classes focus specifically on teaching proper Olympic lifting technique by breaking down a single movement into an entire 60 min class.  These workouts are great for anyone wanting to learn how to start lifting with a barbell and also for experienced lifters who are looking to improve their skills.

Open Gym

Open gym is a time for athletes to use the facility to work on whatever they want.  This is a great time to get to the gym and make up a missed workout, work on developing movements, mobilize and stretch out, or just hang out and row with your friends.

Community Workouts

Every Saturday morning at our 9:30a and 10:30a classes, CFKT opens its doors for two hours of fun with community workouts.  These workouts are similar to a fitness class and athletes typically workout together in teams.  The best part is, these classes are completely FREE!  Saturday's are a great opportunity to bring a friend and get a good sweat in to start your weekend!

“We try to help people get better every day, so that they can reach their full potential, and inspire others to do the same.”
— Coach Joe